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Bespoke Christmas at Anita Massarella - Abby's Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas must be one of the most magical times of the year for me. It all starting late November when I get all my Christmas candles out and fill my room with the rich deep smells of the festive season.

Early December I start seeing more Christmas content across my social platforms. Instagram is filled with snowy pictures of fashion bloggers on trips to colder countries with luxury brands, blog posts start to bob into my Bloglovin’ feed from Christmas gift guides and yearly fashion round up posts. Which really get me into the festivities and looking back on my style that year, planning my outfits over the festive season is also something I thoroughly enjoy doing, I like to feel prepared. Personally, I like to dress quite formal over the festive season with deep rich colours and velvet's been one of the first items I reach for in my wardrobe.

Throughout December the Trips Christmas shopping tend to be enjoyed with a glass of bubbles or 2 because why not its Christmas! These are also the memories I cherish with my friends and family, I especially enjoy spending time with them over the festive period.

With Christmas being one of my favourite times of the year, I always look forward to dressing the house. With the house filled with the sound of Michael Bublé me and my mum will dress the rooms in the house with candles and fairy lights. The Christmas tree is a family effort with us all coming together to decorate the tree this is a special moment for me as many of the decorations have memories associated with them, keeping our tree quite classic.

The carol service is held a Sunday before Christmas, candle lit hymns fill the church. From being a young child, all my family has attended this service. Christmas has really begun for me at this point all the presents are wrapped and we are getting prepared for Christmas day.

The morning of Christmas day we go downstairs as a family and exchange gifts before going to my Aunties for a champagne breakfast. In the afternoon my grandparents come around to our house and we have a traditional Christmas dinner, with further drinks and games into the evening. The few days between Christmas and new year is spent with family, which is hugely important for me!

Nearing new year, I start to get excited about planning my wardrobe out for the new season and coming year. Spending time reading fashion articles and scrolling through Net a Porter and Harrods for inspiration both for my wardrobe and design work.

In the coming year I am hoping to complete a level 5 apprentice with Anita, with my passion for design and luxury fabrics I wish to further my skills within Haute Couture.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Love Abby xx





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