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Bespoke Christmas at Anita Massarella - Bożena's Christmas

Each year me and my family keep up the Polish tradition. Like each year we start decorating the house a week before Christmas so that we really feel the Christmas spirit.

The day before Christmas I start preparing the food for our Christmas dinner. In Poland we are not allowed to eat meat for our Christmas dinner, but I still make delicious food which everyone enjoys.

Each year I prepare polish dumplings with cheese and potato which my daughter loves and cannot stop eating. Also, a special soup made from beetroot with special dumplings with mushrooms which is a traditional soup which is eaten during Christmas.

I also make different types of fish and salads. Each year I try to make different salads so that we have a lot to choose from.

About three days before we start decorating our Christmas tree. I keep Christmas decorations my children made when they were little and decorations from my sister like a knitted angel. Usually we don’t stick to a colour scheme and our Christmas tree is a mixture of colours but that’s how I like it.

Before the Christmas dinner I make the last preparations in the kitchen and my children prepare the table in the living room. And my husband is walking round taking photos or answering phones from our relatives. Even though we don’t see each other every day we send each other Christmas wishes and photos of our preparation.

When everything is prepared, and we have dressed nicely, we sit at the table and say a prayer. We also share a thin wafer which is called Oplatek while we share it, we exchange wishes for the next year, after we are ready to eat, which is the best part of the day. Later, at night we exchange presents. At midnight we, go to church to take part in a mass called pasterka which celebrated the birth of Jesus

For the next two days we celebrate, we eat food and watch how people celebrated Christmas in Poland. We also watch a Christmas film, at this time of year there are many films, but we try to pick the best one which will suit us. We phone our parents and siblings to talk to them about their Christmas and what they got for Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

Love Bożena x





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