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Couture at Anita Massarella can be defined as having a complete ‘One-Off’ garment designed, fitted and made to your exact specifications. Anita creates a toile, in calico, that is fitted directly to the customers body. The design is then drawn onto the calico while you are wearing it. This achieves perfect balance and proportion. You are able to choose necklines and design features with Anita at this early stage, assuring you of perfection.


Every element of your garment will be constructed in our workrooms above the showroom in Leeds, Yorkshire, by Anita’s highly skilled creative team who are artists in their own right. The luxury of couture incorporates delicate hand stitching alongside opulent attention to detail. Fabrics, laces and embroideries are sourced from around the world to create your bespoke outfit. Guaranteed to have the very best wedding dress.


Fittings are staged over the length of your order, we recommend a minimum of three and more if it suits your diary. We are happy to help with specialist packing if required.  

You are assured of an exciting, relaxed and personal experience seeing your dress coming along at every stage from sketch to toile and to your finished creation.  


About Us

anita sketching.jpg

Anita began as a lecturer in fashion and freelance designer before establishing her own company in Leeds in 1990.  Anita was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, the home of British tailoring. Her Fathers Italian roots were also highly influential towards creating Anita’s innate sense of style and passion for design. 

Anita has designed for celebrities and a worldwide clientele, with work featured in Vogue, Tatler and Brides, you can be confident that at Anita Massarella, we are passionate about making you look and feel amazing.


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